Fall 2023 Contest Winners

First Place — $5000 winner — The Medicine Cabinet

The app is a cross-platform app where any individual anywhere in the world traveling to a foreign country can search equivalent medications to that of his or her own country. This helps in avoiding medication confusion that commonly occurs due to manufacturer's brand names that are similar but have different active ingredients in different countries. The Medicine Cabinet also aids in language barriers as well as medication literacy.

Yves Ngenzi (UNM Student)

Second Place — $2,500 winners — Dice Decide

The app where your choices meet destiny. With the power of voice commands, visual inputs, and AI integration, decision-making becomes an interactive and engaging experience. Whether it's choosing an outfit, picking a dinner spot, or planning your day, DiceDecide is your go-to for making choices with a touch of fun.

Dice Decide Team: Bat-Ochir Arthur, Abdulrahram Hersi & Younes Slaoui (UNM / CNM Students)

Third Place — $1000 winner — LoboGym

The ultimate fitness companion designed to transform your fitness experience at the University of New Mexico (UNM). With real-time crowd monitoring, schedule access, reservation creation, and more, LoboGym empowers UNM students and staff to make the most of their fitness journey. Explore schedules, find your ideal spot, join exciting activities, and connect with personal trainers, all in one app.

Ashish Khatri (UNM Student and IT Employee)