Contest Submission Process

Prepare for Submission

The submission process will require inviting to your code repository (e.g. GitHub, Bitbucket, etc...) with the submission documents.

Final Submissions Require

  • A README text document with the application title, contact information, description of the app, test accounts or other access information, short bio on the developer(s)/team, other supporting information.
  • 3 screen shots of the application running on a device.
  • Recorded demonstration of the app that will be used for your demo day presentation NOTE: Please make sure the pace of the recording is appropriate for an audience unfamiliar with your app! In other words, go slowly enough so that judges can evaluate all of the functionality you are demonstrating. We can help you with this if you ask! There are some useful links to for recording on various platforms on the Resources link: Helpful Information: Methods of Screen Recording Your Mobile App.
  • Unofficial transcript for each team member due no later than the mandatory practice session
  • The submission deadline will be 11:59PM of Sunday, January 6, 2019.

If your application does not have source code available to you, talk to us about your project and we will work with you on the submission process.

Finalist Selection

We will pick up to 10 finalists out of the submissions entered. There are currently many teams interested in competing. The first cut will be made on technical and utility grounds (e.g., we can build/use your mobile app on our devices, the app has useful and apparent functionality, the battery doesn't immediately drop from 100% to 3% charge, etc.).

Finalist Notification

The finalists will be notified by January 11, 2019 with an invitation to select a general Demo Day session time slot for January 25, 2019 from 1PM — 4PM (in 15 minute blocks). Teams not selected as finalists will be notified that day as well.

Demo Day

Mandatory Practice Sessions

The ten finalists will be required to attend a 45-minute practice session with the IT team prior to Demo Day. Your practice session will be scheduled when we contact you for your Demo Day session.

On Demo Day, you will present your app to the judges in a 6-minute session, with a possible 6 minute Q&A session. Your team is required to attend Demo Day in person, unless you attend a branch campus or are a distance learner living outside of Albuquerque, or have prior approval from event staff. Please contact us if there are extenuating circumstances.

You are required to create a pre-recorded demo of your app in use. During your demo, please narrate this pre-recorded video.

Your Demo

Allot 1-2 Minutes:

  • Introduce your app its functionality, and problem space it addresses
  • Describe your app's technology

Allot Remaining Time:

  • Narrate your pre-recorded demo of the app in use (this should be the main focus of your presentation, and where you spend most of your allotted presentation minutes!)

We recommend you practice your demo with a faculty, mentor, colleagues, or family member(s) who can provide feedback. In addition, PLEASE NOTE: your team WILL BE REQUIRED to attend one mandatory practice session with the Mobile App team prior to Demo Day. This practice session will be scheduled when we contact you to schedule your Demo Day time slot. Practice sessions take place between January 14, 2019 and January 24, 2019 in the UNM IT Building 153.


Winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony immediately following the last demo (with a few minutes to finalize the judging) on January 25, 2019, at approximately 4:00 pm in the SUB Theater.

Need Help

If you have questions or technical challenges. Please contact by email and your question can be answered, clarified or forwarded to a subject matter expert for follow up.

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