Mobile Application Development Contest

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions that may help you during this contest. Check back regularly, as content will be updating.

Can I use [x] framework/library/toolset to create a mobile app?

Yes, any code stack can be used. The only requirement is that it creates an installable app or produces a web site that is useable on a mobile device. Even tool sets that don’t require coding are acceptable.

Does it have to run on all mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows AND web?

No, it only needs to run on one platform.

If I create a mobile friendly, responsively designed web app, how do I enter it in the contest?

In your submission materials, include the URL of your web site in the READ ME file. We do not need the source code for the web site to be submitted.

Can UNM host my web application for the contest?

No, UNM is not able to host your web application. Personal accounts are available to UNM students, but it does not include database or server side scripting abilities. If your app runs completely in JavaScript, then it may be possible, but there is no direct support by UNM IT for personal web hosting.

Can I change my App’s name, focus, team members, contact information, etc. before January 5, 2018?

Yes, we understand things change, just be sure to send updates to so that we have the most current information.