2022-2023 Winners

  • First Place — $5000 winners — LoboBooks

    LoboBooks is an all-in-one e-commerce app for UNM and CNM students to post, buy, donate, and share used books with other students.

    LoboBooks Team: Adrien Clay (UNM)

  • Second Place — $2,500 winners — Plate-it-Forward

    Plate-it-Forward partner with local restaurants and community centers to provide free meals (restaurant leftovers) to those in need.

    Plate-it-Forward Team: Alex Mostaghni, Erin Ruiz, and Sergio Salas (CNM)

  • Third Place — $1000 winners — Little Library Locator

    Little Library Locator is an easy-to-use application that connects literary minded individuals with public and little libraries throughout the city.

    Little Library Locator Team: Kelly Bowman, Nycole Davila, Bryce Roth, and Matt Spriggs (CNM)

  • Honorable Mention — OneDon

    OneDon (One Donation) is an items donation App for students. Students and families can donate their old items to incoming students from far or near.

    OneDon Team: Adam Abusang (IT Student Employee)