Congratulations to All Our 2019 — 2020 Winners

  • First Place — $5,000 — "ABQ Veterans"
    John Johnson-Rodgers (CNM) & Timothy Beck (CNM)
    "Our objective is to create an app that brings down the percentage of homelessness and suicide rates among Veterans within our community. We created this resourceful WebApp to help connect veterans with the necessary social services and opportunities available in Albuquerque to ease the transition from the battlefield to civilian life."

  • Second Place — $2,500 — "Giver"
    Samuel Roberts-Baca (UNM) & Jacob Roberts-Baca (High School)
    "Giver is a streamlined, peer-to-peer mobile app for finding and sharing community-service opportunities through a simple social media interface. Giver relies up the “pay-it-forward” model: by doing acts of kindness for other users known as favors, users gain the ability to ask favors for themselves. By presenting users with a wealth of service opportunities, Giver eliminates the need to navigate a rocky network of local organizations and outreach programs."

  • Third Place — $1,000 — "HoMart"
    Ankit Shah (UNM)
    "HoMart is a smart home assistant app that assists people in their kitchen. We are so busy that we need our activities to be done instantly or without much effort. Here comes “HoMart” that can assist in notifying you the amount of groceries inside your kitchen through the sensors that sense weight and update the changes in real-time on the smart phone app. Just set the threshold and if the weight of the item is less than the threshold, the shopping list will be updated in real time. So next time you go grocery shopping, just take the app with you without needing to remember what items you have in the kitchen. HoMart is there to assist you."