Mobile Application Development Contest

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Submission Criteria

The Contest is for Mobile App development by students of UNM and CNM. The submission process will require a working binary for any mobile device platform or hosted responsive/mobile friendly web application. Any language, framework or library set is fair to use. For example, using HTML5 and PhoneGap, a binary can be built for the platforms you choose. Same with AngularJS + Ionic, React Native, jQuery Mobile and many others. Also, non programing content management systems such as are accepted as well. The only requirement is that the project can be accessed and run on a mobile device (phone/tablet) of your choosing.

Open Data Sources

Here are some open data sources you can use for your project. Data sources from .gov or .edu domains are acceptable.

Other Data Feeds/Sources

Data from other sources are acceptable, however, be careful with private APIs and data, they may change with out warning and you may have to scramble to restore functionality or find replacement data.

Demo Day, Presentations and Pitch Sessions

In addition to coding, we are interested promoting professionalism. There are many contests, hack-a-thons and start up pitch events that expose coders to opportunities for networking, investment and financial backing. By preparing a demo and pitch for your app, you have an opportunity to talk about your work and skills that went into building the app.

Shortly after you submit your Mobile App on January 6th, we will reach out to schedule a Demo Day session (date and time) for you to present your app to our panel of judges. The Demo Day will be held in the UNM SUB Theater. You will be expected to present slides on your team, the problem space your mobile app is trying to solve, technology foundation, and plans for growing the app. We are still formalizing the rules and process, more details will be available in October.

Teaching Tools

Here are some resources to learn how to develop a mobile app:

CNM Courses

Course ID Course Title
CIS 1210 JavaScript Web Programming I
CIS 1250 Python Programming I
CIS 1275 C++ Programming I
CIS 1280 .NET 1 / C #
CIS 1730 JavaScript Web Programming II
CIS 2235 JavaScript Programming I
CIS 2237 Android APP Development
CIS 2275 C++ Programming II
CIS 2284 .NET 2 / C#
CIS 2351 Mobile Design
CSCI 1151 Intro to Computer Programming
DDC Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp

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