Mobile Application Development Contest

Contest Submission Process

Please note this is the submission process for the 2016-2017 App Contest. These are to give a general idea of what to expect, however they may be revised and updated for the 2017-2018 contest.

Prepare for Submission

The submission process will require inviting to your cloud hosted storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) with the submission documents. To help the collection process go faster, please .zip your documents and code.

Final submissions will require:

  • Read Me text file (if developing a responsive web app- include a link to a working instance, for binaries- include installation guide, demo accounts if a log in is necessary, primary contact and team information, other supporting information)
  • Source code for native or hybrid mobile app (Android, iOS, etc.); we do not need source code for responsive web apps
  • 2-3 Screen shots
  • Short slide deck demo: 5-8 slides about your team and app. This will be used to help judges identify your app and will run in the background at the awards ceremony.
  • Unofficial transcript for each team member

The submission deadline will be Midnight of Friday, January 6, 2017.

This year we are planning on utilizing the mobile app streaming services of as a way to distribute to judges and live demo the applications submitted. If you are developing an Android or iOS build, you may want to give the service a try. It is free to sign up and allows for 100 free minutes of streaming. We will not use your account for our work; we have our own account for streaming the submitted apps.

Finalist Selection

We will pick up to 20 finalists out of the submissions entered. There are currently 40 teams interested in competing. The first cut will be made on technical and utility grounds (e.g., we can build/use your mobile app on our devices, the app has useful and apparent functionality, the battery doesn’t immediately drop from 100% to 3% charge, etc.).

Finalist Notification

The finalists will be notified by January 11th with an invitation to select a general Demo Day session time slot for Jan 13th from 2 PM until 7 PM (in one hour blocks). Teams not selected as finalists will be notified that day as well.

Demo Day

On Demo Day, you will present your app to the judges in a 5-minute session, with a possible 2-3 minutes of follow up questions. Your team is required to attend Demo Day in person, unless you attend a branch campus or are a distance learner living outside of Albuquerque, or have prior approval from event staff. Please contact us if there are extenuating circumstances.

Your Demo should:

  • Introduce your team
  • Introduce your app, its functional utility and problem space it addresses
  • Describe your app’s technology
  • Present your next steps for the app

Your Demo may be based on a slide deck or live demonstration with Browser. Live demos will be queued up at the UNM SUB Theater.

We recommend you practice your demo with a faculty, mentor, colleagues, or family member(s) who can provide feedback.


Winners are required to attend the awards ceremony on January 27, 2017 and will be notified prior to the event. Everyone is encouraged to attend the awards ceremony and network with your colleagues, event sponsors and interested parties.

Need Help

If you have questions or technical challenges. Please contact by email and your question can be answered, clarified or forwarded to a subject matter expert for follow up.

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