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UNM & CNM's Mobile App Contest

The Office of the Chief Information Officer at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is sponsoring its seventh-annual Mobile App Contest, providing an opportunity for students from UNM and Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) to develop and apply coding skills to make useful mobile applications for the community.

The contest will also provide motivated students support to commercialize any market worthy apps that result.

General Contest Overview

  1. Sign Up to participate and receive updates.
  2. Develop your idea, form a team.
  3. Complete your confirmation registration to officially enter the contest.
  4. Code, test, review, plan, repeat.
  5. Check In, periodic question/answer, mentoring.
  6. Submit Adobe XD plan for extra credit.
  7. Finalize documents for submission.
  8. Submit final project.
  9. Meet with the IT team to refine your pitch.
  10. Attend the Presentation Day and Awards Ceremony.

Go to the Calendar for specific dates, Rules for eligibility and requirements, and Resources for specific guidelines.


Honorable MentionsVaried

* Prizes awarded to a teams will be divided evenly amongst those teammates.

UNM and CNM faculty and staff will provide support to these coding efforts through workshops and mentors. UNM and the City have invested in open data sets which are available to enrich the coding experience and make the apps more useful to users. Data sets available include UNM events, class schedule data, campus locations, Route 66 images, bike paths, list of local businesses, and more. 

Through this effort, UNM and CNM hope to inspire students to develop coding skills which are increasingly valuable in our information economy, and to yield apps that can improve the experience of our students.

Any information requests can be made to

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