App Contest 2014-2015

Eleven students worked hard to develop mobile applications with the help of UNM last Fall, and some of them have thousands of dollars to show for it today. UNM's Mobile Application Development Contest, sponsored by UNM Information Technologies (IT), Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, is a contest to create a mobile application using data from UNM's new Open Data Event Repository. Apps were developed for iOS, Android, or HTML5 mobile web. Programming assistance for the participants was provided by both the IT department and Computer Science staff at UNM, and the software is now licensed to the University for use by IT and campus-wide.

Winners List 
First place: Lucas Nunno 
Second place: Matthew Greci and Jacob Nash 
Third place: Alfred Michael Sanchez 
Fourth place: Gopi Krishna Chigulapally and Shiva Krishna Vuppala

Other participants in the contest: Jade Archuleta, Robert Herbertson, Benjamin Jacob Lande, Sonny Trujillo, and Sam Waggner.